Rest Go

A meditation on the futility of finding rest, both in a physical place and within oneself


Clare Schweitzer
Direction, production, filming
Kiersten Kratzer
Timo Gomez
Director of photography
XinYue Yu
Sound design
Molly Jenks


This process started with the intention of exploring how place functions in dance film, not only with how to represent a visual idea of place but how to tie a film to a specific location. I wanted to avoid what Harmony Bench notes as “any-place”, a stock image of a place rather than a place with a proper name. In the summer of 2018, I participated in a film residency at Experimental Film Virginia, Cape Charles. I was lucky to have a dancer who grew up in Cape Charles where EFV took place who ended up having a very complicated relationship with it. Her experience made me reflect on my experience of moving back to my home town after two years feeling a lack of belonging to a place I had previously felt attached to.

These reflections were also tied to ideas leading to the exploration of a sense of futility to find rest, both in a place and in oneself. Even when the body is at rest there is still ongoing turmoil physically (blood is still flowing, involuntary movement, etc.) and psychologically. I played to different ways to represent this kind of turmoil. I included the kids in the film as a way of not only including the community, but also representing sources of this kind of unrest: regrets of the past, fear of the future, etc. I aimed to have the film explore a subtle confrontation with this turmoil and for the character to come to a reluctant acceptance of it.