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Experimental Film Virginia

A look at Experimental Film Virginia, which gathers artists from all over the world to convene on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay with a mission to create new short films inspired by the people and places of historic small town America.



Screendance Festivals and the Cultural Production of Screendance in the Technological Age

As Screendance festivals constitute the primary venue for the presentation of Screendance, they play a significant role in the cultural production of the form. This dissertation examines the cultural production of Screendance by way of its presentation through Screendance Film Festivals.

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Interview with WomenCinemakers

“I have views on very specific concepts that I hope come through in the film buts as far as the way the film is seen and interpreted, I want that experience to be as open as possible. I would like someone viewing the film to interpret the film however they see fit with relation to their experience.”

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